MicroCreds - Microcredential Modules

For further information on applications, registration and examinations for Microcredentials, email microcreds@ucc.ie. On successful completion of a Microcredential(s), the learner will be provided with a relevant transcript of marks.

College of Arts, Celtic Studies and Social Studies

School of Applied Social Studies

SS6808Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Awareness for Professionals
SS6810Including people with intellectual disability in higher and further education

School of Film, Music and Theatre

DR6051Dialogues on Culture
DR6052Arts Project Management
DR1020Introduction to Inclusive Dance: Steps Toward Choreography
DR1021Introduction to Inclusive Dance: Improvisation as a Method for Inclusion
MU6061Neurodiversity: Embracing Creativity in the Music Classroom

School of Applied Psychology

AP5830Workplace Change: Practice and Skills
AP6056Building Workplace Resilience in Self and Others

SCHOOL OF Languages, Literatures and Cultures

LL5007Localisation Essentials10

department of geography

GG6539Introduction to Coastal and Marine Governance5


TL6010Inclusive Academic Practice for Research Supervision5

College of Business and Law

Irish Management Institute

IM6011Organisational Interventions and Cultural Dynamics
IM6015Psychology of Negotiation
IM6035Digital Disruption and Transformation
IM6036Digital Innovation
IM6061Financial Management
IM6064Strategic People Management
IM6116Leadership for Managers5

College of Medicine and Health

SCHOOL OF Medicine

AN6009Radiological Imaging5
AN6020Fundamentals of Human Structure5
AN6021Fundamentals of Human Motion5
AN6022Fundamentals of Neuroanatomy5
MD4020Extra-Mural Research and Innovation for Undergraduate Students: ROGUE5
MD6017Special Operations Medical Planning and Support - Task Group10
MD6018Special Operations Medicine Programme Development5
MD6019Special Operations Surgical Team Development5
MD6020Advanced Special Operations Surgical Team Development10
MD6021Combat Medical Simulation and Tactical Combat Casualty Care10
MD6022Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Medical Planning and Treatment5
MD6026Special Operations Medical Planning and Support - Task Unit5
MD6027Special Operations Advanced Medical Concepts10
MD6029Special Operations Resuscitation Team Development5
MD6030Advanced Resuscitation Skills 15
MD6031Special Operations Medical Engagement & Partnering5


NU5099Managing behaviours that challenge in children experiencing mental distress5

School of Pharmacy

PF6504Coagulation Management for Healthcare Professionals5
PF6618Manufacturing of Pharmaceutical Formulations

College of Science, Engineering and Food Science 

school of engineering

CE6045Introduction to Sustainability and the Natural Environment10
CE6046Introduction to Sustainable Enterprise10
CE6047Systems Thinking in Environmental Sustainability10
NE6206Offshore Wind and Ocean Energy Conversion

School of Biological, Earth and Environmental Sciences (BEES) 

AG2002International study tour and work placement - New Zealand 1,25

To be eligible to apply students must be enrolled on BAgSc programme and in a position to travel at the allotted time. In exceptional circumstances students on allied degree programmes may apply. Enquires should be made to the Programme coordinator in advance of any application. Final decision on all applications rests with programme coordinator.


Students who pass this module may not use the credits accumulated to compensate for a failed module within their programme’s prescribed curriculum.


Full details and regulations governing Examinations for each programme will be contained in the Marks and Standards Book and for each module in the Book of Modules.