BSc (Hons) Financial Mathematics and Actuarial Science


Regulations and Programme Requirements

Students enter the Single Honours BSc (Hons) Financial Mathematics and Actuarial Science through CK407 (Mathematical Sciences) Area of Study


  1. The final set of electives and 'project-related' modules offered is subject to the availability of adequate staff resources and therefore may need to be a subset of those indicated. Within the FMAS degree programme, priority will always be given to maintaining coverage of syllabi of the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries. Students should consult with School staff for guidance on their selections and the implications thereof.
  2. The BSc Single Honours Degree in Financial Mathematics and Actuarial Science does not seek to provide a professional training programme for the examinations of the Faculty and Institute of Actuaries. Graduates who wish to pursue an actuarial career may qualify for exemption from some of the professional actuarial examinations, depending on their performance and choice of electives, and will have the necessary preparation to undertake the remaining examinations.

Eligibility for Entry to Second Year Programmes

Students from the Mathematical Sciences Area of Study (CK407) who pass First Science may opt to enter the Single Honours programme in Financial Mathematics and Actuarial Science.

BSc Ordinary Degree - NFQ Level 7, Major Award

Students who pass Third Year may choose not to proceed to Fourth Year and may opt instead to be conferred with a BSc Ordinary Degree.

Programme Requirements

For information about modules, module choice, options and credit weightings, please go to Programme Requirements