Diploma in Biological Sciences


NFQ Level 7, Special Purpose Award

This Diploma programme is available to students of UCC's international partner institutions with which UCC has a bilateral agreement under Statute 263 of the National University of Ireland. Having studied for at least two years at a partner university, students will study for one year at University College Cork, taking the programme to a value of 60 credits.

To be considered for the award of University Diploma in Biological Sciences, a student must have satisfactorily attended undergraduate modules to the value of 60 credits as prescribed by the Head of the relevant academic units of their chosen discipline. Students may choose 2nd, 3rd and where permitted 4th year (School of BEES only) undergraduate modules (subject to timetabling and other constraints). Where a module has prerequisites (as specified in the module description), a student must satisfy this prerequisite by demonstrating, to the satisfaction of the relevant academic unit, that a similar module has been passed in the partner institution. The full programme of study is subject to final agreement by the relevant UCC academic units and the student's home institution.

Workload Guidelines

It is strongly recommended that students do not take any more than 40 credits in any semester. Students are therefore advised to choose their modules so that the workload is evenly spread throughout the year.

Programme Requirements

For information about modules, module choice, options and credit weightings, please go to Programme Requirements