MA (Applied Psychology) (Mental Health)


The MA (Applied Psychology) (Mental Health) is a full-time programme running for 12 months.


Students who have already passed a module(s) as part of another programme, may seek exemption from this module(s) and will be required to take another taught Postgraduate Applied Psychology module to the same credit value.

Alternative pathway -  MA (Psychology)

Students who pass 40 credits in Part I but fail the placement (and repeat placement if taken) or are deemed unsuitable to undertake a placement may be permitted to complete 20 credits of taught Postgraduate Applied Psychology modules and a 30 credit dissertation and exit the programme with an MA (Psychology).

Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Psychology (Mental Health)

Students who have completed and passed modules to the value of at least 60 credits in Part I and who fail or do not wish to proceed to Part II may opt to exit the programme and be awarded a Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Psychology (Mental Health).

Programme Requirements

For information about modules, module choice, options and credit weightings, please go to Programme Requirements