MSc (Clinical Pharmacy)


The MSc in Clinical Pharmacy is a part-time distance education programme running over 24 months from the date of first registration for the programme.

The programme is made up of two parts. Part I constitutes 60 credits of taught modules. Part II constitutes 30 credits of a research project.

In Part I students must take a minimum of 30 credits in the first academic year. Students cannot proceed to Year 2 of the programme unless Year 1 has been passed. 

Students on the one year programme should refer to the MSc in Clinical Pharmacy (1 year pathway) page for programme information.

Individual Modules

As part of UCC's commitment to Continuing Professional Development (CPD), healthcare professionals may take a one-off module and be provided with a relevant transcript of marks. A student who successfully completes and passes a module under CPD and who satisfies the programme eligibility criteria may be eligible for exemptions if he/she subsequently undertakes a Postgraduate Diploma/MSc in Clinical Pharmacy within five years from the date of successful completion of the module (and subject to the module being offered on the Postgraduate Diploma/MSc Clinical Pharmacy programmes).

Exit award: Postgraduate Diploma in Clinical Pharmacy (NFQ Level 9, Major Award)

Students successfully completing 60 credits (taught modules) may opt not to proceed to the Dissertation (PF6008) and may opt to be conferred with a Postgraduate Diploma in Clinical Pharmacy. A student who subsequently applies to continue to the Master's Degree in Clinical Pharmacy must do so within 5 years from the date of successful completion of the Diploma examinations.

Programme Requirements

For information about modules, module choice, options and credit weightings, please go to Programme Requirements