MSc (Nursing) (Non-EU)


NFQ Level 9, Major Award

Note: This programme has been revised for students entering from 2021/22 onwards.

The MSc (Nursing) for Non-EU applicants is a full-time programme (i.e. 90 credits) taken over 12 months from the date of first registration (commencing in September of each year). The Masters degree is aimed at developing the foundations of knowledge gained in the Bachelor's degree and is designed to provide students with an opportunity to develop skills and knowledge applicable to current practice. It is a non-clinical Masters degree.

Repeat Year Arrangements

Students who entered the programme prior to 2021/22 and are required subsequently to repeat one or more modules in a repeat year will do so under the revised curriculum and associated regulations detailed on this page. In the event that a student fails one or more modules, special repeat arrangements will be made for that student continue to avail of current modules.

Programme Requirements

For information about modules, module choice, options and credit weightings, please go to Programme Requirements